FIMA 8 Singapore Muslim Funeral Service

Losing your loved ones is one of the most difficult experiences that you will face in your lifetime. We are here to assist you in making the important decisions and arrangements for the handling of the deceased. FIMA 8 Singapore Muslim Funeral Service is a premier one-stop Muslim Funeral Service that strives to provide effective, complete and efficient funeral service. We have a clean and hygienic hearse to transport the deceased from the hospital/home to the cemetery. Our funeral service package consists of the following:

-Death Certification by authorised doctors
-Hearse van to transport the deceased from home/hospital to the cemetery
-Bath, dressing and body wrap for the deceased.
-Embalming of the deceased. (If applicable)
-Religious rites, prayers & recitation of creed (Doa) for the deceased
-Bus transport to ferry family members to the cemetery.

We also handle repatriation and import cases. We work closely with embassies, port offices and other authorities for the safe transit of the deceased. We hope that by delivering the best of our service we can deliver satisfaction to the bereaved family thus help alleviate the grief caused by the departure of their loved ones.

FIMA 8 General Contractor

From Contemporary to stylish designs - We provide custom built grave monuments for the remembrance of your loved ones. We also provide products for the Muslim burial needs.

Grave Monument (Dapur Kubur)

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Casket (Papan Long)